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Let the Stars Guide You



Finding a Deeper Meaning with The Great Meem

Capturing the intent, desire, suffering, pain, and ambivalence of an individual's Soul and Spirit - naturally gifted as an intuitive, astrologer, medium, Lightworker, empath, Starseer, Cosmic Man, Starseed, claircognizant, pet psychic, writer, musician, singer and more.  Revealing the title:  "Cosmintuitiv Astrodium Starseer" & activating channeled astrology.


 I offer detailed, intuitive readings & mentoring that give insight into life - past, present, and/or future - as well as the insight of God and The Universe. <3

I have self-evolved my abilities & they are a luminous part of who I am & that which I desire to share. Completely honest & raw emotion, energy, & reactions. <3

I am untrained, professionally speaking. I was not taught anything that I know, was not influenced by what some may teach, & I don't know the "right" things to say. I simply know what I know. I connect with you through energy transference - the energetic relationship formed between our Souls & our truest essence. <3

I have carried these gifts with me all my life. However, I did not understand them until after December 2012. The Awakening was Great & very, very real for me. I have searched for years now and finally am blooming as what I have always been destined to flourish into. I'm here to make a positive impact in this world & to help move mankind toward Soul Evolution & Ascension. <3

I contain the lightcodes for ALL starseeds to reunite with their Twin Flames - I know I have a special mission in this and I MUST, AT ALL COSTS, accomplish my goals.  ALL Twin Flames MUST be reunited in order for Global Awakening.  I currently believe that only Starseeds have Twin Flames and each and EVERYONE, as I said, MUST be reunited in order to accomplish their mission on Earth and return to their respective "homes".  Some may not agree with this, but if I sat down and explained it all to you (which I will), then you would understand.  There is a bunch of garbage out there nowadays regarding the Twin Flame purpose and name, as well as what soulmates actually are, and they are being taken advantage of and actually holding Starseeds back in density, prolonging suffering.

Walk with me, sing with me, just BE with me. We know all we need to look within rather than without. Be mesmerized by who you are. Believe the things you never dared to believe. LIVE YOUR FREAKING LIFE!!! Why not??? <3